Folding bellows

Custom-designed in consultation with each client, JOINTECH’s folding bellows can be applied to any articulated-joint transport application, including articulation systems for buses, streetcars, and trains. Every bellow system is CAD-designed and optimized before being carefully crafted and manufactured. Supported and protected by aluminum frames, the self-adjusting wire trays and robust alu-alloy profile floors are designed to withstand heavy, abusive loads, making them extremely long lasting and virtually maintenance-free. The high-grade synthetic rubber-coated bellow fabric, elastomer, is capable of withstanding thermally stressful and chemically abrasive environments while remaining flexible. It is available in a variety of colors, as well as translucent material.

Whether as a perfect compliment to a JVS articulation system or as a quality, durable bellow for replacement, refurbishment, or a new design, the JOINTECH folding bellow is part of a smart, economical solution to the modern transport challenges across today’s urban environments.

    Key Specifications


    Designed and crafted with precision and consistent quality per uniqu design and color requirements


    Extended warranty on high-grade bellow fabric


    Resistant to UV, chemicals, oil, and other environmental abrasions


    Excellent temperature, weather, and ozone resistance


    Tear-resistant,providing watertight climate insulation and noise reduction


    All pre-assembled and waterproof tested prior to shipment

  • Components

    Folding BellowLasting synthetic rubber covered fabric

    Center Hoop With StabilizationCenter hoop assembly,Stabilization assembly

    CoverRoof cover, floor cover,floor insert, optional top and bottom covers

  • Mechanical Dimensions

    Operationg Temperature-45℃~65℃

    PER CUSTOM SPECIFICATIONS Please contact us for any needs you might have for new designs/refurbishment

  • Environmental Specifications

    Flame resistant


    No odor