Jointech Vehicle System -- Staged Perfect Meet

2015-05-18 09:22

The Beijing of May was counterattacked to the temperature of the early winter by several days of light rains. However, the warm opening of 2015 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components let the temperature of Beijing rise rapidly. In the exhibition hall of the national convention center, the most bright and beautiful booth undoubtedly belonged to Jointech Vehicle System. With the artistic European style booth design, the culture-oriented and high class detail display and the exquisite dazzling exhibited products, Jointech Vehicle System perfectly met with you here in the beautiful early summer.

As a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of integrated solution for bus articulation system, Jointech Vehicle System Co., Ltd. possesses the mature, free-maintenance, high reliable and high load-bearing bus articulation system which combines hydraulic control, electronic control and electro-hydraulic multi-damping control together, and products are all over the world. It offers high cost-effective and high reliable articulation system solutions for sustainable Urban Transit and BRT lines, and also, offers OEM with integrated solution and technical support of articulated bus design and manufacturing. It possesses complete product spectrum and advanced sci-tech sustainable development ability. Jointech Vehicle System has Switzerland and China two research and development centers, masters the technology of the world-class articulated bus, and can offer customers with oriented system development and vehicle technical support.

This time, the exhibited products of Jointech Vehicle System are heavy-duty bus articulation system IK29B, heavy-duty rear engine bus articulation system IK29BE and folding bellows. The heavy-duty rear engine bus articulation system IK29BE won the award of the Best Part for Bus. Along with the joint professional research of the Europe and China two research and development centers on the Chinese roads, public transport characteristics and development trends, Jointech Vehicle System works out the exclusive solutions for articulation systems which are applicable to different driven modes, different floor heights and different propulsion modes according to urban road characteristics and customers’ demand. Can completely follow the customers’ demanded curves and colors and according to the characteristics of the operating environment to design and produce the folding bellows which are perfectly matched with the vehicles. The bus articulation systems of Jointech Vehicle System are with strong versatility, high quality, high reliability, high load capacity, high performance and cost-effectiveness, convenient installation and maintenance and extremely low operating cost.


The study of the gentleman shall be new every day. Along with the development of the manufacturing technology and the depth of the service concepts, with confidence in the product, Jointech Vehicle System takes making strategy as framework, takes scientific research and development as main body, executes precisely to make it perfect, moves forward in good faith along the sci-tech road and commits to provide high quality service to global customers.JVS always focusing on the customers and solving customers’ demand quickly, Jointech Vehicle System becomes the best business partner of customers and sincerely cooperates with the customers to promote the development of the Chinese Public Transport jointly.