A New Generation of Articulation System of Jointech Vehicle System

2014-10-24 09:10

The biennial world's largest commercial vehicles exhibition - the Germany International Commercial Vehicles and Accessories Exhibition (IAA) was staged at the Hannover exhibition center in the Germany from 25th September to 2nd October 2014. The IAA attracted more than 2,000 well-known exhibitors of commercial vehicles enterprises from all over the world, which presented the newest technology and development trend of the commercial vehicle domain to the world again.

As the world’s leading global developer, manufacturer and distributor of commercial bus articulation system integrated solution, Jointech Vehicle System Co., Ltd appeared on the IAA event ceremoniously with the latest research and development of the new generation of articulation system product and technology and created a tremendous sensation.

This time, the exhibition products of Jointech Vehicle System are IK59 series of articulations which are respectively IK59B and IK59F two types of articulations. In addition, the elaborated crafted folding bellow sample was exhibited also.

IK59B is push type articulation. IK59F is pull type articulation. These two types of products are serial products and have excellent versatility. This series of products completely subvert the previous design thinking of articulation system and conceive ingeniously and have a major breakthrough in the product structure and the key technology of articulation system. This series of products still adopt the integrated supply on the structure which is convenient for installation; meanwhile, IK59 series of articulations are fully compatible with the existing mainstream articulations on the installation dimensions, therefore, OEMs can switch without doing any technical changes; IK59 series of articulations adopt the lightweight design which reduces the weight but the bearing capacity is enhanced; on product performance, the new and unique hydraulic system and the more intelligent optimized electronic control system can ensure the more accurate control of the vehicle and improve the operating stability and the vehicle comfort.