Jointech Organizes "2012 Team Christmas Tea Salon"

2012-12-28 15:02

 To celebrate the Christmas and New Year, on 28th Dec., Jointech organizes an entirely new “2012 Team Christmas Tea Salon” in the training centre.

In the warm and melodious atmosphere, both the fresh and senior employees gather together to jointly review the unforgettable experiences of 2012, give free rein to their imagination of good vision, and greet the New Year with full of joy.

The tea salon creates a good opportunity for the team harmonization. The employees communicate with each other and have a better understanding of each other. Display the smiling face of each employee on site from time to time which makes everyone feel more amiable and friendly. The employees have their voice heard in succession that in 2012, under the guidance of the company’s senior executive team, will work, struggle and innovate hard with greater enthusiasm.