Busworld Moscow 2018

2018-10-28 10:00

 Hello Busworld, Hello Moscow. Here we are!!!
Busworld, the most professional annual bus and parts fair held in Moscow on 23rd Oct. 2018. As the second biggest bus articulation system suppliers as well as frequent exhibitor of Busworld, JVS displayed its new technology articulation IK29HL which is the lightest bus articulation in the world so far. It attracts lots of visitors from different OEMs to witness. 


With the consciousness enhancement of environment protection and energy saving, a growing number of countries have been increasing the budget on electric public transportation, for instance, electric articulated bus. Then the vehicle weight is one of the main factors of influencing the operation mileage.


As an enthusiastic and responsible enterprise, JVS has been focusing on scientific research on new technology & material to develop new light version articulation to lighten the bus weight. In comparison with traditional one, the highlight of JVS IK29HL adopts new structure with high strength and light material with the weight of 567kgs is over 100Kgs lighten. It definitely helps E-bus with low electricity consumption and longer running mileage.
New energy, new technology, to make our world better, JVS is always on the way!!!